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EUSKAL HERRIKO IKASTOLA EKE (EHI EKE), with address in: Errotazar bidea 124, 20018 Donostia. For any question related to this website you can contact with the company in this telephone number 943 44 51 08 or in the e-mail:



The site in where you are is an interactive space created by EHI EKE to offer more information about its products and services.


This Web is property of EHI EKE. All domain names and copyright are EHI EKEs property that is why no content of it can be transferred, copied, reproduced, published, loaded, sent, transmitted, distributed or exploited in no way, with the exception of the use of the Web and its contents in accordance with its purpose. Private downloads and copies can be done without doing any different use from the ones specified in these conditions. To contravene preceding conditions will suppose a violation of author rights and the rest of the rights property of EHI EKE The modification and the use of the contents for different purposes than the ones here permitted is a violation of the author rights and the rest of the rights property of EHI EKE In effect of the present use conditions, it is forbidden the use of the referred contents in any other Web or informatics net.



The present conditions of use will be in force while there are inalterable in the website, having EHI EKE the right for its alteration, modification or suppression in any moment. These changes must figure in the website.


5. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA POLICY website has as main purpose to inform of the services and activities of EHI EKE who assumes the legal obligations in protection of personal data, especially referring to:

a)     The existence of a personal data file or treatment.

b)     The purpose of the taken information.

c)     The information addressee.

d)     The optional or compulsory of the questions made.

e)     The consequences of the taken information or the refusal to provide them.

f)      The possibility to exercise the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

g)     The identity and address of the treatment responsible or of its representative if it is the case.


The wish of EHI EKE is that the user can count with the adequate information to decide in express, free and voluntary way if it wants to provide its data in the way required. In this sense, it is informed to the user that its data will be incorporated to an automated file whose titular and responsible is EHI EKE, with address in Errotazar bidea 124, 20018 Donostia. It is done an automated treatment of them and the purpose is:

a)     To know for statistics the participation of the users.

b)     To inform the users the existence of products and services of EHI EKE and/or third collaborator companies.

Except the contrary is pointed in each case, the information taken by the forms are necessary and compulsory to access to the services of the website or part of the Web that responses. EHI EKE can not register to the ones who do not facilitate the compulsory data.

The user must fill in the forms with true, exact and complete information, answering to the damages that may cause in case of defective filling, with false, inexact, incomplete or not actualized information.

EHI EKE has the compromise to adopt the security levels of protection of personal data demanded in the law in force, installing for that the necessary technical and organizing measures to avoid the loss, bad use, alteration, not authorized access and other possible risks. It is informed that passwords are used as different mechanisms of security, that is, a code that only the user and EHI EKE know.

EHI EKE has the duty to fulfil the obligation of secret of the information kept in the automated file established in the law in force.

The user or the person who represents, just as parents or tutors, can exercise in any moment the right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the Constitutional Law concerning Protection of Personal Data and the rest of the laws applicable, sending a written communication to EHI EKE. to the address before pointed in where confirms the identity of the user; using the website, communicating with the e-mail:

EHI EKE informs that it is the responsible and titular of the file, without damage that may cause a third to take care of the management of them, to which the users give their consent.

Respect the use of Cookies, EHI EKE. informs the user that cookies are used when it is surfed in different screens and pages of this Web. The aim is to recognize the users that are registered and to offer a personalized service, and also to provide information about the date or hour of the visit, measure some parameters of traffic in the Web and estimate the number of visits had allowing EHI EKE to inform, focus and readjust the offered services in a more effective way. The cookies used are stored in the hard disc of the user but they do not allow to read the information they contain and to read the cookies archives created by other providers neither. The cookies used are not invaders nor harmful and can be deactivated with the corresponding option that figures in the browser.

Our priority worry is the security of the storage of the users personal identifying data. We take special care in transmission of information from the users computer to our servers.

Only the employers that need to access to the information of the users to do their job have the access to them. Any employer who violates our protection of personal data policy and/or security will be abided to disciplinary actions which include a possible dismissal and also the interposition of civil and/or legal actions.


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