Primary 2nd cycle - Story Projects

▪  Story Projects: level 1

1- Granny, let´s make a cake?

David wants to make a lemon cake with his Granny. He goes to the shop to buy the missing ingredients. Does David manage to get the ingredients and make the cake or will he be sidetracked by his friends?


4- A real dragon´s egg?

Sarah’s Grandpa has a dragon’s egg in a box in his room, ready to hatch any moment. Sarah desperately wants to see the egg but all her efforts are defeated and she finally only finds the empty box, some egg shells and the dragon gone. Was it a real dragon?


2- On stage

The friends decide to put on a Christmas show. After discussing different fairy tales, they decide to perform the story of The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.


5- Camping

Nick and Lucy go camping with their family. In the surrounding area they see a stream, a big forest and rocks. What adventures will they have when they explore those places?


3- My friend the Desk Genie

Alex accidentally finds a genie in the old desk in the classroom who can grant wishes and helps Alex with whatever subject he is struggling with; Art, Maths, English...



▪  Story Projects: level 2

1- Be careful with my bike

David is given a beautiful mountain bike for his birthday but Nick is showing off and crashes it. Fortunately, David’s auntie Anne mends the bike and add some extra accessories. Unfortunately, Nick has to go to hospital.


4- Inside the computer game

Sarah and Peggy try out a new computer game called The Troll’s Treasure. When they find themselves inside the game and inside the troll’s castle, they have overcome the obstacles to find a way to get the treasure and to get out of the castle again.


2- Sorry, I'm late

Lucy and Alex walk to school together but they are easily distracted on the way and each day arrive progressively later. What outrageous excuses for being late can they invent and how can the teacher eventually teach them a lesson?


5- Lost at sea

Lucy and Nick are learning to sail but a storm blows up and they get carried away to sea. Will they find themselves marooned on a desert island or will they be picked up by a mysterious ship?


3- Where´s the magician?

Peggy phones all the friends to go to see the Tilly Troupe’s show in town. However, missing stars; magician, clowns and dancers results in the friends being called upon to become the protagonists of the show.