Primary 3rd cycle - The Explorers

▪  The Explorers: level 1

1- The apprentice witch

In this project, the pupils follow the ‘Advanced Diploma in Wizardry’. As apprentices, they learn about witches and wizards, how to make magic spells and potions in order to carry out the final task and receive their diplomas at the final graduation ceremony.


4- Comic history

This project centres on a comic about Alex going back in time. The pupils read Alex´s adventure by chapters, work on the real, historical characters, such as Mozart and Edison, who appear in the story and invent and dramatise an ending for the story.


2- AAU: The magazine

For this project, the pupils join an association called AAU: “Animals Around Us”, and prepare a magazine with information, news, stories, puzzles and games to promote awareness about the animals we find around us in the town and country.


5- The chocolate party

In this project, the pupils first learn the background to chocolate; its provenance, history and production before preparing a party for the younger pupils; a set of games, songs, and a play with chocolate snacks.


3- The brain game

This project is planned as a revision unit in the form of a T.V. style contest. The pupils first carry out a series of games and quizzes prepared by the teacher and then plan their own.



▪  The Explorers: level 2

1- The apprentice chef

In this project, the pupils enrol on a cooking course where they learn the basics about food and nutrition, write recipes and practise the skills of waiting at table. The final task is to prepare a Sandwich Bar; with appropriate decoration, menu and real sandwiches.


4- Detectives

This project is based on a comic called: “Sarah and the stolen statue”. The pupils set up detective agencies and on receiving the comic chapter by chapter, they have to solve the clues before moving on. The final solution to the case is also carried out by the pupils and an award given to the most successful detective agency.


2- The World Fair

The project consists of preparing an exhibition; a “World Fair” for younger pupils with customs, festivals, games etc. from different cultures of the world.


5- The book of horror

For this project, the pupils find out all about different types of spooks before writing their own horror story and creating a class book with all the scary stories.


3- On the radio

This final project is planned for revision purposes. The pupils prepare and record a radio programmes in groups using contents from previous projects in the year. The programmes will be listened to and assessed by the whole class.